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WowPad tether

As the proud owner of an android WowPad by infotmic I wanted to add the ability to use the internet when there is no wifi or hotspot around.
Well my mobile phone runs windows mobile and for that there is an excellent tethering app (WMWifiRouter ) and for android phones solutions are coming too or already there (Android tether).

It proofed more difficult than expected but after finding  this description for HTC desire I got it working on the same principles.

It comes down to running a simple script (of course you have to root the e-pad with something like z4root ):

First shutdown WiFi with the normal interface and then run the following commands:

insmod /system/lib/modules/rt2070sta.ko

setprop net.dns1
setprop net.dns2

ifconfig ra0 up

iwconfig ra0 mode ad-hoc
iwconfig ra0 essid mynetwork

netcfg ra0 dhcp

You can put the commands in a script and run it.
The setprop seems to be needed to have DNS working properly, these are the google DNS servers if you want something else change it.

The iwconfig utility has to be installed, since /data/local/bin is already in the search path of the terminal emulator I use the software is stored there but any place could be used.
iwconfig can be extracted from from the downloads at android-wifi-tether/, for convenience it's here too Tether

Given some time I'll try to put it all in an App.

Success with it.

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